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Sweet themed entertainers, Street entertainersSweet Themed Entertainment

If you are looking for some sweet themed entertainers for your party or special event, we can help you as we have the best selection of costumes. Browse through our costumes below to find out more.

If there is a costume you have in mind for your event, promotion, launch or celebration and you don’t see it here, please still feel free to contact us. As we make all our own costumes, we may be able to help bring your ideas to life.

Some of our Sweet themed entertainers are:

  • Popcorn
  • Gingerbread man
  • Candy Queen
  • Ice cream dancers
  • Cup Cakes
  • Love heart sweets
  • Sweet wrappers
  • Large inflatable candy cane


In a sweet make-believe land not too far away lives a host of sweet themed entertainers that will give a sweet spot to your event. These charming  characters are simply designed to spread  love, fun, happiness and gorgeous fancies to your guests. From cup cakes to love heart sweets, or a cheeky gingerbread man are among our most iconic sweets themed characters that will put a smile on all your guests’ faces.

These costumed characters are great for  photos and selfies, which in turn can help further promote your event through social media.


Sweet themed entertainers

Setting the right mood

Our themed entertainment can set the mood of the event from when the doors open. With our entertainers in beautiful costumes and interacting with your guests with light humor, you will give your event the attention it deserves.

Leaving a lasting impression

Holding a themed event is always a great way to leave a memorable impression on your guests. The sense of participation from your from your audience will start long before the event. Also the stories about it will last long after the event too.

Artastic have been creating great themed entertainment for events all over Ireland for over fifteen years. If you have your own ideas that you want to bring alive, please feel free to contact us.