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Halloween is coming! If you need friendly but scary Halloween entertainment, Artastic’s range of large walkabout entertainers and puppets will keep everyone on their toes. These dramatic and convincing characters really add that Halloween feeling to any event that needs a witch or spooky character.

Our friendly yet spooky characters for Halloween entertainment

Meet our colourful but quirky witch wandering with her broomstick on the search for her black cat that has escaped from her haunted house. As she wanders, she comes across hobgoblin with a devilish plan in his eyes, as well as some troll on for some ‘trick or treat’. Then, you might hear the horrifying howl that would have your blood curly. Then, you realise it’s not a bogeyman but our tall Imp involved in some hocus pocus with some unsuspecting audience.

Every year we make new Halloween characters to add to our collection of friendly yet spooky characters for bespoke Halloween entertainment.

Halloween Entertainment Gallery

Artastic’s Halloween entertainment characters include:

  • Dracula
  • Mrs Dracula
  • Mummy
  • Frankenstein
  • Witch
  • Brown Goblin
  • Tall grey Imp
  • White Shaggy Monster
  • Wizard

History of great entertainment

Artastic have been creating great themed entertainment for events all over Ireland for over fifteen years. If you have your own ideas that you want to bring alive, please feel free to contact us.

Artastic’s Halloween entertainment characters have performed at retail outlets and Halloween parties throughout Ireland.

Halloween entertainment Ireland, Halloween themed entertainers, great entertainment






Halloween Community Parades

Artastic’s director Vijaya Bateson was first introduced to Street Theatre at a Halloween entertainment event in Dublin in the year 2000. He had such a profound experience with the power of Street Theatre that he began to start developing work in a community context creating parades. The Halloween community parades are still his favourite events. He has worked in many Dublin inner city communities to help create Halloween entertainment parades ever since. A great example of community Halloween parade can been seen each year on Halloween night in East Wall.

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