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Celtic themed entertainers

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If you have a need for Celtic themed entertainers for your event, promotion or for a great Irish welcome, we have a collection of costumes and professional performers that can put great slash of colour to the event.

Our Celtic themed entertainers have appeared at a number of events. Such as, travellers of a cruise ship arriving in Ireland, as well as a number of retail outlets at St Patrick’s day.

‘Let’s Make History Colourful’

These performer originally appeared in St Patrick’s Festival parade in 2014 in a pageant called ‘Let’s Make History Colourful’.

Artastic, best known for colouring our Urban landscapes with its colourful creations, thought that sometimes our history looked a bit grey. The Artastic’s artists imagined if they could go back through our history books, they might add a bit of colour and carnival to some of our history. Artastic’s artists set off with colourful fabric and some paint too add a bit of colour and fun to the Celtic Ireland and the Myths. The era seems to be embossed into the history of the Bronze and Iron Age in Ireland.

The first section represents the pages of our history books. Then we see brightly coloured monuments such as round towers and Celtic crosses. This era represents the span of time when Celtic culture is influence by Christianity that flooded Ireland.

The Celtic era is well known for its artwork, including many of the creatures that featured in their stories and daily life. Using this strong iconic imagery Artastic added intense colours to highlight the quality of their intricate interlace art work.

This represents Celtic women and warriors with colourful costume and oversize masks that depicts the strong character of these tribes.

Artastic have been creating great themed entertainment for events all over Ireland for over fifteen years. If you have your own ideas that you want to bring alive, please feel free to contact us.